Pet meds Spotlight: Ear Cleaners

Today’s Pet meds Spotlight in on Ear Cleaners, and prevention of ear infections.  The first type we will discuss is a general ear cleansing solution, which is formulated to clean, dry, acidify, and deodorize to restore and maintain your pet’s healthy ears. The cleanser makes it difficult for bacterial or fungal infections to occur, generally will not sting or burn, are pleasantly scented and affordable and gentle enough for daily use.

The ear cleansing solution should be applied generously but carefully to the ear canal. Gently massage the base of the ear and allow your pet to shake head.  Clean the excess with a cotton ball. For very dirty ears, apply 2 or 3 times daily for several days.

Advanced Ear Cleaners contain anti-adhesive properties that prevent buildup of bacteria and yeast.  They are used for the cleansing of the ear canal for pets with severe otitis externa (ear infection) and are non-irritating.

The anti-adhesive technology uses glycotechnology that prevents pseudomonas bacteria from attaching to the skin surface. This process helps eliminate bacteria and yeast buildup and may prevent irritation.

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