PetMeds Spotlight: At-Home Euthanasia for your pet

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on euthanasia. A difficult decision to have to make for the family companion, but at some point, it may be the right one to make. There are many opinions on when, and for what reason to have euthanasia done, but today I just wanted to touch upon one of the options that might get overlooked in such a troubling time.

At-home euthanasia can be a way of allowing yourself and family members to grieve and allow for closure for a friend that has been a big part of your life. Comfortable and familiar settings for your best friend may help ease the burden of making the choice. The vet’s office can be a nervous time for your pet, and at home where they are most comfortable can help with the choice when it has to be made.

The drive home from a vet’s office after that kind of procedure can be very difficult, and the vet’s office may not allow for final moments to be spent with your pet.

Speak to your vet about the option when the time comes.

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