Fire Safety for Your Pets

It is important to have a plan to keep your pets safe in the event of a fire.

While most people have a fire safety plan in place for their family, it is important to also plan for the safety of your pet.  Fire risks are higher in the winter months when space heaters, fireplaces and candles are more frequently used. What can you do to keep your pet safe in case of fire?

Most importantly, make sure you have smoke alarms in your house and that they are in good working order.  Next, make sure you have an escape route in the event of a fire; designate a family member who will be responsible for your pet.  Be familiar with your pet’s favorite hiding places, as the stress and confusion of the emergency may cause your pet to seek a hiding place.  Be sure to have a collar and leash for your dog, or a carrier for your cat, easily accessible so that you can safely evacuate your pets without fear of them becoming lost or separated from you.

In case you are not able to evacuate your pets safely, or you are not at home when the fire occurs, make sure firefighters are aware that you have pets inside your home with a special pet rescue window cling or decal. These decals typically have a space to designate the number and type of pets in residence.  This will help firefighters find and rescue all of your pets. Be sure to affix the decal to a window or door in the front of your home.

Planning for your pets in case of an emergency is an important part of being a responsible pet owner.

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  • Cynthia Booth says:

    Where can I get decails to put on my windows?

  • sheila shows says:

    I keep my four little dogs in their crates at night so i can get to them and get out a window. when i’m not at home they have a doggie door to go out i keep it open for them sure hope if fire breaks out when i’m gone they use it!!!

  • Abby PetMeds Pro says:

    You can get a free pet alert sticker from the ASPCA.

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