PetMeds Spotlight:Fireworks tips

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on the fourth of July and fireworks.  A dog’s hearing is far superior to a humans, so fireworks can be a time of stress and anxiety from fear for your pet.

Here are just a few tips you can take to help offset some of the things that can occur when fireworks are going off.

Leave your pet at home. If your going outside to see the fireworks, some people bring their own to set off unannounced and it can be a real traumatizing experience for your dog.

If your pet is crate trained, leave them in the crate.  In this location, they wont be able to harm themselves if something occurs close to your house, and will be less likely to have an accident.  If they are not crate trained, leave all the interior doors open so they can go where they feel most safe.  Turn the TV a little louder than usual with the lights on and keep the blinds or curtains closed to make sure the flashes don’t startle either.

Taking an extra long walk, or any increase in exercise during the day is going to help them be at ease at night.

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