PetMeds Spotlight: Flea Preventatives

Today’s spotlight is on Flea Preventatives. There are many to choose from, topical or oral, natural, and some that do more than just fleas.

If you have the kind of pet that spend most of it’s time inside, goes outside to do it’s business and walks where other dogs frequent, you might consider a flea preventative like Advantage for your pet’s weight-class as a topical solution. It’s easy to administer, and is used monthly.

If ticks are a problem in your area, you might consider Frontline, same as Advantage only covers flea and ticks.

If fleas are really troublesome in your area then you might speak to your vet about Comfortis, an oral medication also used monthly.

K9 Advantix covers flea, tick, and mosquitoes for areas where they too may be an issue.

It’s important to remember that you want to use as little of any medication for the desired results as possible, which is why more people are considering a natural alternative. If fleas are only an occasional consideration, you might think of using one that contains natural oils and other ingredients that can help keep the pests away.

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