PetMeds Spotlight:Flea treatments and bathing

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on topical flea treatments and bathing.   Often times, people overlook the manufacturer’s instructions and diminish the potency of topical flea treatments.  It’s only logical, bathe a dog to remove the fleas, and apply flea treatment; but the way topical flea treatments work, doing both things on the same day can prove non-effective.

Most manufacturers suggest waiting 72 hours after a bath to administer the medication because it works in part with the oils in their skin.  Applying the medication immediately after bathing can cause a reaction with the skin in the absence of the oil that usually protects it.

Waiting 72 hours to bathe the dog after the medication is applied will also ensure the medication is absorbed, and wont be washed away.

Waiting 72 hours before and after the medication is applied to bathe your dog will ensure the flea preventative you choose will last the full 30 days.

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