PetMeds Spotlight: Tricks to treating a flea infestation

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on fleas. There are many things that can be done to prevent fleas, bathing, topical and oral flea preventatives; but today we are going to discuss a few tricks to preventing and treating an infestation.

In addition to a monthly preventative, some people will give a Capstar before going to a dog park or on a lengthy walk. Capstar is an oral flea killer that works for only 4 hours. This will ensure that any fleas that might be picked up while out don’t make it back home to cause an infestation.

Spraying and regular cleaning of bedding will ensure that all the pests are removed, and one trick this author has found to be effective is to purchase a flea collar and place it inside the vacuum bag. This will ensure that anything that you pick up doesn’t find it’s way back out, or simply throw out the bag after vacuuming.

Tapeworms are something to be conscience of when dealing with fleas. Most tapeworm infestations occur as a direct result of ingesting fleas, so treating for tapeworms periodically should be considered. Even if your pet does not show signs of tapeworms, the medications that treat them are generally mild, and can be given even though there are no outward signs of them.

Foggers, lawn or yard treatments, and spray barriers are all things to consider living in a high flea area as well.

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