Gabriel’s Story

Rita T. shares the story of how she rescued and ended up adopting her angel, Gabriel:

Gabriel was a purebred collie

Gabriel, my special angel.  One spring morning, 2011, I was working in the garden at FaithCreek Church.   I heard a dog bark at me. I looked up and there was a beautiful Collie on the dock of a school administrative building next door.  I spoke to him and went on about my business.  He barked again, and I told him to stop barking and again went about my business. The next thing I know, he came over to see me.  He approached slowly and cautiously.  I petted him and I guess he decided I was okay.  He stayed by me.  So I decided I needed to  walk him back over to the building to see if someone was there.  I tried twice and could not find anyone.

Although this dog was matted and pretty disheveled, I knew he was a purebred Collie, so I rushed him to my vet’s office, since they were approaching closing time, to see if he had a microchip.  No luck; no chip.  I checked the local shelters, advertised in the paper and put a sign in front of the church.  I had no intention of keeping this dog – I worked 10+ hours a day and didn’t have time for a dog.  I had always said, I would get a dog when I retired, but had no immediate plans of retiring.

With his matted fur, and who knows what else, I needed to get him groomed.  To do so, I had to get his shots, etc. and pleaded with the groomer not to cut his hair, if at all possible.  (he only bit her twice!).  So, I had found this beautiful creature, that I was trying to find a good owner for – I was being rather picky though.  He was so sweet and loving, and smart, it was hard not to fall in love with him.  So he became my babe, and I retired.  I named him Gabriel because he was truly an angel, and after all he did find me at the church.  My angel went to doggie heaven after being with me for only one and one half years – it seems like he had been part of my life for much longer.  I could no longer remember my life before he entered it.  I was so blessed that he found me that fateful Saturday morning in 2011.  My heart still aches over the loss of my baby, but I was blessed every minute of his presence with me.  He was truly a Godsend, an angel whom I can’t wait to see again, along with my other beloved pets!

Rita gave Gabriel a loving home

Thank you for sharing angel Gabriel’s special story with us, Rita.

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  • Kim says:

    Rita T. has been my dear friend for over 25 years. She “rescued” me as well…..I was young, going through a divorce, had no where to go, and felt my life was falling apart. Although we barely knew each other, sheimmediately opened her home to me. After only a few days, we became great friends, talking, laughing, and sharing stories. I moved away only six months later, but Rita and I have remained steadfast friends.

    Rita T. is a strong, independent, Christian woman who always puts God first in her life. She is the pied piper and brings joy to everyone she knows. She is as full of love as she is life! Only one week before losing Gabrielle, Rita lost her beloved Miss Scarlett – a black and white “tuxedo” cat whom she had for many years. She was a sweetheart and although a bit shy, she loved everyone she came in contact with! In addition, Rita had one of Miss Scarlett’s babies named Rhett who died only about one and one half weeks before Miss Scarlett. Rhett was twice the size of Miss Scarlett and had a mind of his own. She used to say he was her “big baby,” but also her “big, bad boy”. Even though he was not quite as sweet as his mother, Rita loved him with all of her heart.

    As you can see, Rita has definately had more than her share of great losses this year….and losing the three of them so closely together broke her heart. But she continues to love The Lord and thank Him daily for sending her those three precious gifts and allowing her to take care of them. Rita has a long-haired Orange Tiger cat named Reggie still at home with her. He arrived as a foster cat a few years ago, but she fell in love with him and just could not part with him! After her collie, Gabrielle, passed, she began fostering kittens from her vet’s office. She continues to strive to find them good owners and homes….and is still very picky about her choices! 🙂

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