Pet meds Spotlight: Grooming Tools

Today’s Pet meds Spotlight is on Grooming tools.  Depending on the type of coat your pet has, there are a few tools that can help keep your pet’s coat tangle-free and smooth year round.

The brushes you choose should be based on the type of hair your dog has, long or short.  Long hair brushes will generally have longer bristles and be flexible, short hair brushes will have shorter bristles and generally be firm.  If your pet sheds it’s hair often, you might consider one of the brushes specific to heavy shedders like a Furminator brush.  It removes the undercoat and leaves the top coat intact, while also messaging the skin to release the oils in your pet’s skin to really make their coat shine.

Nail clippers are another grooming tool to consider, if you are familiar with the process.  There are dangers associated with cutting your pet’s nails like cutting the “quick”, and if you do not have a septic pencil to stop the bleeding, you can really cause harm to your pet.

A grooming kit that includes clippers can also be a handy tool to have if want to maintain your pet’s appearance between professional visits.  They usually come with an instructional DVD and all the tools necessary to keep your pet in tip-top shape.

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