Grow Your Cat Some Cat Grass

Many cats seem to enjoy eating grass.

Lots of cats seem to enjoy nibbling on grass.  If you have an indoor-only cat, you can still let your cat satisfy his craving for grass by growing a pot of cat grass indoors. Even for cats allowed outdoors, growing your own cat grass will help ensure access to clean, chemical-free grass for your cat.  Keeping a pot of kitty greens for your cat to munch is also a much better and safer alternative than chewing on your houseplants.

The term “cat grass” actually refers to a number of different cereal grass species, including oat, barley and wheatgrass. Grass seeds are inexpensive and easy to grow indoors, and seeds or cat grass kits are readily available. To grow your own cat grass, simply fill a pot with potting soil and sprinkle the seeds on top.  Cover the seeds lightly with soil, and keep moist.  You should see the grass sprouting in just a few days, at which time you can place the pot in a sunny spot.  Allow your cat to enjoy the fresh crop of grass when the grass is a few inches tall.

Cat grass can provide some needed fiber to your cat’s diet, and most of all, cats just find eating grass to be enjoyable, so go ahead and satisfy your cat’s craving for grass.

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  • Kat Muster says:

    Yeah… but how do you keep them out of it long enough for the seeds to grow into grass? If I put anything in a window it’s “theirs”.

    Kat Herder

  • Abby PetMeds Pro says:

    That’s a good question, Kat. You can put the pot of sprouting cat grass in another room where you can close the door to keep the cats out. It won’t hurt the cats to eat the grass before it’s fully matured, it will just make it more likely that your cat will be able to pull the grass out by the roots instead of just “grazing” on the tops of the grass.

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