Holiday Gift Giving for Pets

Of course dogs will always be at the top of my gift-giving list, but Christmas is a time for giving so I will include some doggie friends on this special list, too. Many dogs share their homes with cats and birds and usually everyone gets along like peas in a pod. During the holidays, gifts will be exchanged and dogs around the world will be chewing, tossing, and shaking new toys until their heart’s content. Have you given much thought to what your dog will be opening this Christmas?

Gifts for Dogs
As much as your dog would love to get special treats for Christmas, his entire holiday will be filled with the opportunity for special holiday treats so you could probably get by with no extra dog treats. Instead, consider filling his stocking with fabulously colored and noisy toys.

There are plush toys, squeaky toys, soft and luxurious toys, bouncy toys, crunchy toys, and even toys that talk in your very own voice. Depending on what level of chewing your dog is at, there are a plethora of toys to choose from, both at your local big box store and online if you want something that is more of a specialty item.

Puppies and adolescent dogs like toys that will stimulate their busy brains and their sore gums as they are teething. These dogs do well with toys that make a lot of sounds and especially ones that emit a sound or release a treat upon a successful touch of a button or opening of Velcro.

Dogs that are notorious chewers benefit from toys like Kong or very hardy chew toys that are made from canvas or burlap-like fabrics. Make sure it has a squeaker though; my dogs won’t stop until they get to the “heart” of the toy.

If you give a toy to a chewer that is made from super soft fabric like chenille, don’t expect it to last for very long. There are great toys out there that are made from really nice fabric but with no stuffing so there is no mess if your dog breaks into it.

Some dogs are just in it for the comfort. Dogs who just like to have a toy in their mouths or something to cuddle with in bed are easy to shop for.  No need to worry about it breaking open or losing the buttons or noses; just go for the softest and cutest toy you can find and it’s a win.

Gifts for Cats

Cats love to run, hide, pounce, and chase things so getting toys to promote their playfulness is a great choice this holiday season. There are tons of great toys on the market for your feline friend. Little stuffed or mechanical mice, fishing rods with feathers, catnip toys, and trays of grasses can all provide hours of entertainment for the both of you. If you are looking for some furnishing for your pet, try a cat tree house or window perch.

Gifts for Birds

My parrot is terrified of toys but most birds do like them. Treat your feathered friend to some seeded treats, mirrors, rope toys, or ladders to add some fun and dimension to his home.

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