Holiday Gifts for Pets

More and more pet owners are setting aside a budget for gifts for their furry friends this holiday season. Though some are trying to reduce their previous budget, there are still those who plan on getting more expensive gifts for their pets this year.

A poll on pet gifts found that 68% of pet owners get toys for their pets as gifts, 45% buy treats and food, 8% buy new beddings, 6% purchase pet clothing, 3% look for harnesses, leashes and collars and 3% choose to purchase grooming products. This holiday season, pet owners will once again be looking for these items.

Most pet owners will be buying holiday gifts for their dog or cat this year.

Dogs Are Favored Over Cats

According to another poll done by Associated, 56% of dog owners plan to buy gifts for their pets.  However, of cat owners, only 48% will be going out to buy gifts for their pets.  It looks like more dogs will be getting gifts from Santa!  The average budget was around $46, but 70% still express a desire to keep their budget down to around $30.

Common Gifts for Kittens and Pups

Humans treat their pets as part of the family, and some treat their pets more like kids than animals.  For this reason, the pet industry is steadily growing because pet guardians are willing to spend money on supplies, clothing, food and grooming.

Here are some of the most common gift items that pet parents plan on getting:

1. Pet toys – Many dogs will get chew bones, balls and plush toys that will keep him occupied while you are out of the house. Cats are likely to get toys filled with catnip to keep them entertained.

2. Treats and foods – Crunchy treats are one of the pet holiday gifts that will end up under the tree this year.

3. Bedding – New cushy beds for cats and dogs are coming out and some pet owners plan to purchase them this holiday season.  Many pets will enjoy a heated dog or cat bed.  There are “green” bedding products these days that would be great to reduce your pet’s carbon imprint.

4. Leash and tags – There are customized tags for your pets which are great should your dog ever become lost.  A new leash would be appreciated, especially if it is of the reflective type.

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