Holiday Safety Tips for Your Pets

Holiday safety tips for your pets.

Christmas is drawing near, so many of you have probably started with the holiday decorations and planning by now.  However, we might be enjoying the festivities and become so engrossed with all the preparations that we set aside our other priorities, such as pet care.

While I don’t accuse anybody of slacking off on their pets during the holiday season, there are plenty of times that we do forget to take the morning walk with our furry friend because the tree has to be decorated or some other thing came up during this busy season. What should you do to keep your pet free of holiday stress? Here are simple safety tips that most people overlook which can sometimes lead to holiday disasters:


When decorating, keep in mind your pet’s behavior and height. Be sure to put decorations in places which will prevent your dog or cat from reaching them.

1. Christmas tree – Make sure to trim your tree’s lower branches in a way which will prevent your dog from getting snagged in it and toppling the tree. You can also anchor the tree to the ceiling to keep it secure. See to it that the garlands and other tree decors are placed higher than your pet can reach or they might play with it, swallow it or destroy it.

2. Wires and fixtures – To a dog or cat, a dangling piece of wire looks like a fun plaything or delicious chew toy. To keep your pet from being electrocuted or your own house from burning down, cover power cords or tape them securely. Unplug all Christmas lights when you are not at home.

3. Flowers and other decorations – Some plants can be dangerous for your pets when ingested. You may let Santa kiss you under the mistletoe, but never let your pet eat any of it.  Pine needles can also puncture your pet’s digestive tract, so take away any needles you see. Put out the candles when you leave the room because a simple bump may topple it, leading to disaster.

4. Leftover food – So everyone’s full and lazing around after Christmas dinner – never forget to take away the trash and leftover foods from the table. Any pet would love a free meal and there are some people foods which are not good for pets. Also, the fat and salt content of some of the holiday foods you have prepared are definitely not good for cats and dogs.

Your pets should still be given the attention they are used to. Their regular feed, bath and walk times should not be forgotten or else they could easily get agitated with all the people and festivities going around.    These are simple reminders to keep you and your whole family, including your furry family members, safe and free of stress during the holidays.

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