How Does the Breeze Litter Box System Work?

If you have a cat, one of the first decisions you have to make is selecting the best litter and litter box. Of course, you will want to choose one that minimizes litter box mess and smell and, most importantly, that your cat will use. While there are a number of different types of litters on the market, now there is a system that promises to eliminate messy litter box clean-up and also help control odor better than standard litter. Cat owners know that cats can be picky about the litter they like, so you might want to learn more before trying the Breeze Litter Box System.

What Does the System Come With?

The system consists of a specially-designed high-sided litter box, Breeze litter pellets, litter scoop, and absorbent Breeze pads. The pellets are fairly large, so they are non-tracking. Since the pellets are non-absorbent, the urine passes through the pellets into a tray at the bottom of the litter box. You place a Breeze pad into the litter box tray to absorb the urine. Your cat’s solid waste sits on top of the Breeze pellets for easy scooping.  You will need to pull out the tray in the bottom of the litter box and change the disposable Breeze pad weekly for one cat, about every three days for two cats. It is recommended that you completely change the Breeze pellets about every month.  Once you have the complete system, you can purchase refill pellets in packages of three 3.7 pounds bags, and refill pads in packs containing 16 refill pads.

The litter box system comes with a step-by-step guide to help you transition your cat to the new system. Basically, you will want to make a gradual transition by adding some pellets to your cat’s current litter, then introducing the new litter box system alongside your cat’s current litter box, and finally to stop cleaning the old litter box until your cat makes the transition to the new one. If your pet has difficulty with or does not like the high sides, this part of the litter box may be removed.

What Do Other Cat Guardians Say About It?

The Breeze Litter Box system was rated 4.6 out of a possible 5 stars by our customers, and most said they like the system, especially the odor control and reduced tracking: “What a difference this makes in terms of odor control and litter tracks and litter dust. I love it. Highly recommend. A little costly, but so worth every penny!”

Others liked the ease of use: “If you are looking into this product buy it! It is worth the cost to have a clean smelling house. It does last a month and the pads do last a week if used by 1 cat. I know why they named it “Breeze” because it truly is a breeze to use! So easy that my 10 year old daughter can clean in out all by herself (when she wants to). Finally someone stopped the cat box smell that cat owners have been fighting for years! Well done.”

Those with multiple-cats in the house found the system convenient, too: “I am a multiple cat owner and this system has made my life so much easier. I bought 2 of these and all my kitties use them. It works and is so simple to use and to clean. The replacement pellets and pads are pricey but worth every penny. No urine smell & no more tracking either! LOVE this product!!!”

If you’re looking for a way to keep the litter box area fresher-smelling and with reduced litter tracking, the Breeze Litter Box System may be for you.

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  • Rhonda says:

    I have one and it works great on urine odor elimination, but had to purchase a second litter box with cover. I used the cover to fit over the Breeze box. I don’t like looking at poop. Why did they not make a cover for this system?

  • Scoopy Poo says:

    I got one about a week ago, and it’s changed my life. No odor whatsoever – I don’t know what’s in those pads, but they soak up a shocking amount of urine, and keep it locked in tight. Very little tracking – a few pellets do get scattered, but they don’t disintegrate into sawdust like conventional pellet litter. Keep a dustpan or a small vacuum near the litterbox, and you’ll be fine.

    I actually like the open litterbox, as it makes it easy to see when there are turds that need to be removed. I haven’t needed to clean the box yet (as in, a soap-and-water clean, like all boxes need periodically) – but it seems like that’ll be easy, too.

    I’ve been trying different kinds of litters and litterboxes for about two years, trying to find something that doesn’t track, doesn’t smell, and isn’t a giant pain in the ass to maintain (e.g., clumping litters that turn into sludgy cement). This is the *only* answer I’ve found that solves all three problems. Scoop turds daily; change the pee pad once a week; change the pellets monthly. That’s it.

    If you’re switching from $3/bag clay litter, then yeah – this is gonna be more expensive. But I had been using pine pellet litter (I can’t stand the tracking with clay), and it doesn’t seem like the Breeze system will be significantly more expensive. It might actually end up being cheaper.

    My cats took to it right away – the pellets are similar in size and shape to the pine pellets they were used to, so I’m sure that helped.

    It’s *so* nice to have a home free of litterbox smells and tracked litter!

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