PetMeds Spotlight:How to avoid a dog bite

Today’s PetMeds spotlight is on how to avoid a dog bite when your out walking with your dog(s).  Walking with your dog, especially a small dog, can turn into a defensive situation pretty quickly.  What if you were to turn a corner and suddenly a larger dog was running at you at top speed and barking aggressively?

Instinct would be to pick up your dog, but that may be more dangerous than you think because the off-leash dog may try to attack you, and your dog may see it as an opportunity to tease the approaching dog from the safety of your arms.

If possible, try to stop the other dog before the fight occurs. To do this, bring along an umbrella if you walk in areas where other dogs are frequently off-leash. The umbrella can become a defensive weapon by pointing it at the oncoming dog and opening it up suddenly. This will break visual contact and may scare away the other dog.  An air horn might also do the trick.

Make sure your dog isn’t the one to pick a fight by socializing him early and often.

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