How to Keep Dry Pet Food Fresh

Having fresh, healthy food is important for pets as well as people, and dry pet food is perishable.  Once you purchase a bag of pet food, how do you keep it from becoming stale?  While it may be more cost effective to purchase giant bags of pet food, once the bag is opened, the food is exposed to oxygen, light, heat and moisture and begins to degrade.  In order to ensure maximum freshness, ideally it is best to only purchase the amount of food your dog or cat will consume in about 4 to 6 weeks.

Once you have determined the size of bag which will feed your pet for about a month, find a storage container which will accommodate the entire bag.  Of course, large pets will require a larger storage container.  Look for a container made with food-grade plastic with a tight-fitting lid to secure the food from bugs, dirt or rodents.  Many pet parents like to keep a scoop inside the container for easy dispensing.  Store the container of food in a cool, dry place such as a pantry, and not the garage.

As you use the pet food and are ready for more, don’t just pour the new food on top of the remaining food in the bin so you don’t end up with stale, old food under the fresh food.  Wash the container thoroughly before adding new food.

When you store your food in a pet-food container, you should still keep the batch information, bar code and expiration date from the bag of food.  You can simply tear or cut this off the bag, and keep it inside the container.  If there is a pet-food recall, you will be able to easily determine if your pet’s food is affected. You can also simply store the entire bag of pet food inside the container without taking it out of the bag if you prefer.

How do you store your pet’s food?

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  • […] Store pet food properly.  Dry food should be stored in a secure plastic container kept in a cool, dry place.  Uneaten canned food should be disposed of, or immediately covered and refrigerated for no longer than three days. […]

  • Joshua Blake says:

    How can I keep my beagle’s dog food fresh?

  • Erin Gleeson says:

    Hi Joshua, you could try a storage container like the ones we have.

    For canned food, the rule of thumb is to cover any leftover food and keep it in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

  • Elvan Tahaoglu says:

    Wouldn’t glass containers store better than any plastic?

  • peggy stivason says:

    Hi Erin , It’s terribly hot here in NC and i like to know of it is okay to store my cats dry food in the refrigerator or better yet , take out a week supply and store in fridge and freeze the rest till further use ? I have searched for this answer and have found nothing . Thank you Erin .

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