How to Properly Deal with Cat Litter

Disposing of your cat’s litter might seem like a big problem.   For some people, it could also be the reason they have second thoughts about getting a cat – they simply do not know how to deal with cat waste in the most environmentally-friendly way.  Of course, there are plenty of illnesses and even parasites that can be carried in cat feces; this makes it all the more important to know how to dispose of it properly.

It is important to dispose of cat litter in an environmentally-friendly way

Approach 1: Let Kitty Do Her Business Outside

While some pet owners have a backyard or a stretch of grassy area near their homes and opt to let their cats leave their waste outside, there are some who just do not have such luck.   Of course, the idea of leaving your pet’s waste outside also sounds really irresponsible and is being discouraged because of the health hazards.

Studies have been done on Central Coast communities in San Francisco which show that more than 100 tons of cat waste has been put into the environment annually.  A big percentage of that is contributed by household cats that are left to do their business outside.

Approach 2: Flush It Down The Toilet

So, if it cannot be left outside, why not flush it down the toilet? Well, any cat litter that has been flushed from the toilet can make its way eventually into the ocean.  A parasite commonly found on cat feces poses a great threat to sea creatures which can ultimately lead to the death of other animals.

Approach 3: Bag it and Toss It to the Garbage Can

As much as you hate putting away the cat litter in your garbage can, this is the best way to dispose of your pet’s waste.  What you must remember is that you should use a paper bag.  It defeats the whole purpose of being environmentally-friendly and biodegradable if you get a plastic bag for its disposal, right?

If you can find cat litter that is not clay-based, that is all the better; clay is strip-mined to produce clay cat litter.  You can use a “natural” litter that is made from wheat, pine, corn, newspaper or other renewable resources.   Disposing of your cat’s waste in a responsible way prevents exposing the community and other animals to pathogens.

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  • Karen says:

    I buy the bamboo based dog waste disposal bags and use these to dispose of my cats’ litter box waste. At least these bags bio-degrade

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