How You Can Help End Puppy Mills

I know it seems daunting; so many puppy mills across the country and you’re only one person.  However, actions speak louder than words and you can make a difference.  You can speak out and become an activist to stop the mistreatment of dogs in puppy mills.  Some ways you can help:

  • Avoid Buying Dogs from Pet Stores. These are havens for puppy mills.  Pet stores often get their supply of dogs from puppy mills across the nation.  Puppy mills will sell their dogs cheap to pet stores where store owners make a hefty profit off of them.  If pet stores bought pure-bred puppies from reputable breeders, they’d never be able to turn a profit so they turn to puppy mills, instead.  Here they can get puppies for cheap and drastically mark up the price to the consumer.  If you’re getting a dog from a pet store or a puppy mill, there is no guarantee that your dog is healthy or well-adjusted.  There is something called the “Puppy Friendly Pet Stores” initiative that asks consumers to not buy puppies from pet stores, and to support pet adoption from shelters instead.
  • Aim Higher. You have the ability to contact your federal and state legislators about the problems that puppy mills create.  You have a voice where they don’t and you can spread the word about the inhumanities and maltreatment of dogs in puppy mills.
  • Speak Your Mind. Write letters to editors of newspapers in towns that house puppy mills.  By having articles published about puppy mills in towns where they are located, it really turns up the heat for puppy mill owners.  Many people don’t know what a puppy mill is or how to recognize one.  Once people who are shopping for dogs can spot one, they can avoid it.  More than likely, people don’t want anything to do with puppy mills and once they have the knowledge, will support your efforts to get rid of them in their towns.  The word will spread and these abusers will be driven out of business.
  • Talk to Your Veterinarian. Print flyers about finding reputable breeders or adopting puppies from the shelter and drop them off at your local vet office.  This will show community support and get the professional community involved in your efforts.
  • Community Involvement. Work up a speech about pet adoption and about puppy mills and ask the library if you can use their space to give a community presentation.  They will probably be happy to help you put it together.

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