How You Can Help Homeless Pets in Your Community

Consider volunteering at your local animal shelter.

If you are interested in helping pets in your community, there are lots of ways you can help. While most shelters gratefully accept monetary donations, which are usually tax-deductible, there are many other ways you can help.  First, check with your local shelter or rescue group to see if they have a list of supplies or services they especially need.  Consider ways you can help that do not require spending large amounts of money.

Volunteer: Most shelters and rescue groups can always use volunteers for a variety of functions.  You can volunteer to help directly with the pets by cleaning cages, feeding pets, walking dogs, or just spending time with the animals.  You can also volunteer your skills in areas of expertise you may have. Many shelters can use the assistance of volunteers with skills such as computer knowledge, office help, handyman skills or writing talent.

Donate Supplies: Almost all shelters can use donations of cleaning supplies, pet supplies and office supplies.  Again, check with your local shelter to see what they can most use.

Foster: Become a foster home for a pet in need.  Many pets do not do well in a shelter environment and for various reasons, need a home setting to thrive.  This may include a pet that needs medical care, extra socialization, very young puppies or kittens, or just a pet that needs a little extra TLC.

Use your creativity to come up with fundraisers, raffles or other events to raise money for your local shelter. There are an unlimited number of ways you can assist pets in need.

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