PetMeds Spotlight: The Humane Society of Delaware County

Their story, right from their site:

Our beginning was humble. In 1972, a group of several concerned citizens founded The Humane Society of Delaware County. The organization was totally run by volunteers at that time.

These devoted citizens fostered animals in their own homes, and a member’s garage was used for one year as a cat adoption center. All of the cats and dogs were housed this way until the HSDC facility opened 15 years later!

Bequests from Mr. Pete Martin and Mrs. Ruth Schultz enabled construction in 1987 of the present facility located at 4920 State Route 37 East. Mr. Martin wanted his bequest to operate a low-cost spay and neuter clinic in order to battle the ever-growing problem of pet overpopulation. Thus, in 1989, a low-cost spay and neuter clinic was added, and has performed nearly 50,000 spay and neuter procedures since opening its doors!

Working with the county commissioner, HSDC also became one of the first humane societies in Ohio to establish a mandatory spay and neuter clause for all animals adopted through the society.

The facility opened its doors in 1987. Since 1989, the HSDC facility has grown tremendously. The cats now have their own intake, isolation, and adoption areas, as well as a room with an attached outdoor play area. Similarly, dogs housed at the facility have separate intake, isolation and adoption areas, in addition to two outside runs for excercise and a large fenced yard.

Today, the facility averages about 1,400 adoptions per year – and we thank all the good folks in our community who helped save all those lives by adding a new pet to their family.

We also have a Board of Directors and operate the HSDC facility with paid staff and volunteers. But we will never forget our humble beginnings as we strive to make this a better world for our pets. Thank you for your ongoing support, donations, and memberships. We truly couldn’t do it without you!

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