Hurricane Florence Relief

Hurricane Florence made landfall as a major storm on September 14th, 2018. The storm caused major damage to buildings, homes, and wildlife especially to the coastal area of the Carolinas.

As was the case with last year’s hurricanes in Florida, Puerto Rico, and Texas, pets and animals are still in great need of assistance days after the storm hit. That’s where Brother Wolf Animal Rescue of North Carolina has shined. Their animal rescue initiatives in response to this disaster has been incredible.

PetMeds has pledged a donation of $5,000 in merchandise credit along with flea and tick prevention and other supplements to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue to assist in their tremendous efforts.

“This generous donation from PetMeds will go a long way to help animals affected by Hurricane Florence and we couldn’t be more grateful for it,” said Denise Bitz, President of Brother Wolf Animal Rescue. “Dogs like Hutch, here, were rescued from the storm and need a lot of TLC to be readied for adoption.”

If you would like to contribute to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue in their mission to help the pets affected by Hurricane Florence, please donate via their website. If you would like to learn how PetMeds® Cares, you can visit our how we help page.

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  • Katii Blood says:

    That is a wonderful thing you’re doing, 800PetMeds 👍👍 Thank you.
    Can you let us know how we can help from home with our own donations?

  • Susan Chiellini says:

    Hello! I am a customer of 1-800PetMeds and supporter of Brother Wolf Rapid Response. I received your email announcing your $5,000 donation to Brother Wolf for their Hurricane Florence efforts to help the displaced and injured animals. I was moved to make a donation as well. Thank you for your compassion and service!

  • Alexander says:

    Hi Katii,

    If you would like to donate to Brother Wolf Animal Rescue, please visit their website’s donation page 🙂

    Thank you for caring!

  • Alexander says:

    Hi Susan,

    You are awesome – thank you!

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