If a pet eats something it finds outside…

Today’s PetMeds spotlight is on things your pet may find outside and try to eat them.  If your pet is a terrier breed, then you know their instinct to chase.  Lizards, birds, cats, anything that will give in to chase, will be chased.  But it’s important to keep in mind that the “slow” lizard that your dog is chasing and caught may be a victim of your neighbor’s pest control company coming to spray the lawn.

Lizard eats bug, dog eats lizard, owner needs to see the emergency vet on a Sunday at 7:30pm and pays heavily to do so.

Its best to keep your dog away from those kinds of things when they are on a walk or supervised when in a yard.  Like a toddler, absence of knowledge shouldn’t be viewed as lack of intelligence, they just need attention and care until they are able to distinguish good from bad.  Keeping a treat in your pocket and giving one when they don’t chew on what they caught is one way to handle the situation.  Getting a terrier to stop chasing, well, you might find it easier said than done.

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