It’s Adopt-a-Less-Adoptable Pet Week!

The week of September 17 – 23rd has been designated “Adopt a Less Adoptable Pet” week.  According to the ASPCA, of the 5 to 7 million pets that enter shelters every year, approximately 60 percent of dogs and 70 percent of cats end up being euthanized.  Even no-kill rescues and shelters have dogs and cats that are considered “less adoptable” than others. These dogs and cats end up staying in shelters for months or even years. These pets are just as deserving of a home as other dogs and cats, so this is a great week to celebrate these wonderful, loving animals yearning for a home of their own.

Pets that are considered harder to adopt and are often overlooked in shelters include: black cats, large black dogs, senior pets, pets with disabilities or special needs, and certain breeds that have a bad reputation. Less adoptable pets may have to wait up to 4 times longer than other pets to find a home. Often, the factors that make a pet harder to adopt are what make that dog or cat extra-special. The next time you are looking for a new pet, first consider adopting from a shelter or rescue rather than buying a pet. And, while you’re at the shelter looking for your new furry family member, take a second look at a “less adoptable” pet that has previously been overlooked… you could find a hidden gem!

Check out PetFinder’s gallery of less adoptable pets, or follow the PetMeds weekly feature on Wednesday of pets searching for a permanent home.

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  • Tiffany Dallas says:

    Our family adopted Harry, a 6 pound salt/pepper mix, who was just absolutely adorable! Out of all the pets at the shelter he had been there the longest and had every person overlook him! His sister had been adopted very early on and poor Harry had been left behind and was timid and terrified! Once we held him though we knew he was a perfect fit for our family. Its been 5 months now and I am so glad we decided to adopt when we did-Harry is a wonderful dog and his two new sisters adore him!

  • Abby Rosenberg says:

    Tiffany, we’re so glad Harry finally found his perfect home with you!

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