PetMeds Spotlight:Keeping dogs out of an area of yard

Today’s PetMeds spotlight is on a couple of ways to keep pets out of an area of yard.  There can be many reasons why you would want a dog out of a specific area, sometimes it could be a neighbor’s dog that you want to have avoid a specific area.

If it is a flower bed that gets traffic, you might consider cutting up rose trimmings or a holly bush and spreading them on the flower bed.  Another natural method is to take cayenne pepper, chili peppers, dry mustard powder or just about anything that will make your eyes water with the smell, mix it up in a sandwich bag, and spread it over the area that you would like dogs to avoid.  It works until it rains.

There are some other methods, adding ammonia to the flower beds, physical barriers, motion controlled water sprayers, and even rotting potatoes are sometime suggested, but make sure the cure is not worse than the disease.

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