Keeping your Indoor Cat Happy

There are lots of ways you can enrich the life of your indoor cat.

While some cat owners still feel that cats should be allowed to roam freely outside, most now agree that indoor cats live longer, healthier lives. Life for indoor-only cats doesn’t have to be boring!  Here are some ways you can enhance the life of your indoor cat:

  • Arrange for Safe Outside Time: There are lots of ways your cat can safely experience the outdoors.  Some cats enjoy walking on a leash outside.  For cats that don’t tolerate a harness and leash, consider a pet stroller.  Many cats enjoy the fresh air from the safety of an enclosed pet stroller, and as an added benefit you’ll get some healthy exercise, too! There are also lots of outdoor pet enclosures which allow your cat to safely enjoy the outside.
  • Allow Easy Access to Windows: Most cats enjoy spending hours looking out the window.  If your cat doesn’t have easy access to a window, consider a window perch from which your cat can enjoy the view.  Placing a bird feeder or bird bath near the window doubles the fun!
  • Bring the Outdoors Inside: Cats don’t need access to the outside to have fun climbing a tree.  There are many sizes and styles of cat trees to choose from.  Cats are natural climbers and will enjoy climbing, scratching or simply lounging on a well-designed cat tree.  If you are limited in space, consider installing shelves that your cat can climb and perch upon.
  • Cat TV: There are videos specially-designed for cats, featuring birds, squirrels bugs and other small moving prey.  Most of these cat videos also have enticing sounds that cats enjoy.
  • Provide Stimulating Toys: Rotate a variety of different toys so they always seem “new” and fun. Your cat can practice stalking, hunting and pouncing behaviors with a variety of toys, and many cats especially enjoy catnip-filled toys.
  • Provide Cat Grass: Just because your cat is inside, doesn’t mean she can’t have access to grass.  Grow a small pot of cat grass or catnip for your cat to nibble and enjoy.
  • Quality Together Time: Many cats most appreciate time spent with you.  Allot specific time each day that you devote just to your cat.

With a little planning by you, your cat will soon discover that life indoors can be fun and stimulating!

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