PetMeds Spotlight:Ken-Mar Rescue

Many owners mistakenly take their pets to shelters because they believe that good homes will be found for all of them. Occasionally that’s true, but too often owner-surrendered pets are kept only two to four days due to lack of shelter space. Strays usually are kept for three to five days before they are euthanized.

When Ken-Mar rescues a dog, each receives a personality and behavioral evaluation and the care, training and TLC it needs and deserves. They work hard to find the proper homes for all of their pets, and stand behind them and their new owners for the rest of the pet’s life.

Many of Ken-Mar Rescue’s dogs need-and receive-veterinary care.

From nail trims to extensive surgery, Ken-Mar Rescue provides all needed care to all of their dogs. Not surprisingly, their monthly veterinary bills are overwhelming. Tax deductible donations are desperately needed to help save and care for as many dogs as possible. Thier ultimate goal is to become obsolete, but until that utopian day arrives when animal shelters can be safe places of refuge, they will strive to give a future to as many needy pets as possible.

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