Make Your Own Pet Treats

With the recent news regarding illnesses in dogs possibly related to the consumption of chicken jerky treats made in China, more pet parents are becoming concerned about finding healthy treats for their pets. One way to make sure your pet’s treats are wholesome and healthy is to make your own. A simple method of making healthy pet treats is with a food dehydrator.

Dehydrating fresh food is a way to prevent mold, increase shelf life and preserve treats for your pets.  You can dehydrate food using a food dehydrator, or even in your own oven using a lower temperature, and baking for a longer time than conventional “cooking.”  After dehydrating, the lack of moisture prevents growth of bacteria in the treats.

You can make your own jerky treats from strips of chicken or other meats, or make healthy dehydrated vegetables such as sweet potatoes. This is also a good choice for pets with allergies, so you know exactly what’s in the treats you feed your pet.

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