National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week

Did you know the week of April 8th through April 14th is designated as National Animal Control Officer Appreciation Week? This event is designed to recognize the hard work performed by Animal Control agencies throughout the country, and helps improve the image of these hard working employees.

The mission of the National Animal Control Association is to

…define and promote professionalism in the animal protection care and humane law enforcement field by providing quality services, education, training, and support.

The dedicated men and women who work in the animal control field have a difficult job rescuing and protecting helpless pets and animals, facing dangerous animals, and helping with rabies prevention programs. Unfortunately, until the day comes when there are no unwanted, abandoned and homeless pets, there will always be a need for dedicated Animal Control Officers.

Next time you see an Animal Control Officer, take a moment to say thanks for the service they provide your community.

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