Shelter Spotlight: National Mill Dog Rescue

National Mill Dog Rescue was the winner of our 2016 Change a Pet’s Life Contest. You can learn more about the contest here.

National Mill Dog Rescue

Lily, the dog behind National Mill Dog Rescue


Lily (pictured above) lived in a wire cage for seven years, producing litter after litter of puppies with no human contact or veterinary care. While in the puppy mill, her one purpose in life was to produce Italian greyhound puppies until she no longer could.

By the time she was rescued by Theresa Strader, Lily’s lower jaw and the roof of her mouth had rotted away from lack of care. Her chest was covered in mammary tumors, and she had a host of other physical and psychological problems.

While Lily did end up a beloved pet, her condition opened Theresa’s eyes to the realities of puppy mills and the sad plight suffered by many breeding dogs. National Mill Dog Rescue was established in Lily’s honor in 2007 and has been saving former puppy mill dogs and educating the public about puppy mills since then.

In its nine years of operating, the rescue has saved more than 10,000 dogs from mills across the U.S. After they are brought into the rescue, these dogs are given full veterinary care which includes spays/neuters, vaccinations and for many, extensive dentals and surgeries.

For many of the rescued dogs, this is the first time they’ve received any form of medical care. They are also new to clean water, toys, beds and a human touch. With a lot of patience, love and care, these broken dogs are transformed into loving family members.

NMDR is based in Peyton, Colo., but will adopt out dogs to homes across the U.S. and Canada. The rescue does not ship or transport dogs and requires all adopters to drive to its kennel to pick up their new family members.

The hard work of NMDR’s employees and 800+ volunteers allows the rescue to save dogs like Regina, the winner of our 2016 Change a Pet’s Life Contest.

Regina, rescued by the National Mill Dog Rescue.

Regina lived in a puppy mill for four years before she was rescued. At the time of her spay surgery, it was discovered she had previously been sutured with fishing line, causing pain and infection at the surgical site. After several surgeries, she is finally healthy and can begin her journey towards a happy life with a family.

To learn more about Regina and to see updates about her, please visit the 2016 Change a Pet’s Life Contest page.

To learn more about the National Mill Dog Rescue, visit its website here. If you are interested in adopting or meeting a NMDR dog, please fill out an adoption application online.

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