National Specially-Abled Pets Day

I have no eyes to see you. I have no ears to hear you. I have no legs to run to you. But what I do have… is plenty of love. ~ Colleen Paige

Most differently-abled pets have no idea they are different

Today is National Specially-Abled Pets Day! Formerly known as National Disabled Pets Day, this special day was founded in 2006 and is observed every May 3rd. This is a day to celebrate these special pets, to help find homes for “specially-abled” pets, and to help educate the public about pets with special needs.

Pets may be born disabled, or acquire a disability through trauma or illness. Some of the most common disabilities are loss of limbs, loss of sight or hearing, and paralysis. You should know that most differently-abled pets have no idea they are different. These pets are still ready to give unconditional love and enjoy playing and spending time with you.  Pets are resilient and most learn to quickly adjust to their disability. A pet with a disability doesn’t want you to feel sorry for him; rather, he just wants a loving home with someone willing to give him just a little extra help.

If you are looking to adopt a dog or a cat, consider opening your heart and home to a pet with special needs. While these pets may need a little extra care, they will reward you many times over.

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