PetMeds Spotlight: Never Cry Wolf

Sam Blake says, “People wake up one day and think how cool it would be to have a wolf. In a very short amount of time they are kicking themselves for getting one. They are expecting the wolf to act like a dog. They don’t!

They think the best thing to do is to drive them into the hills of California and, turn it loose. This is a death sentence for a wolf that has been born and raised in captivity. “The more I know man, the better I like wolves.”

Sam owns and manages Never Cry Wolf Rescue & Adoptions (NCWRA) from his home near Antelope. Sam, a native of Oklahoma who has made his home in Sacramento, founded the organization in 1996. Although his mission of rescuing wolves started about 30 years ago when RAMBO, a large white wolf adopted him. He has been described as having “a little bit of Choctaw Indian, a little bit of stubbornness when standing up for the underdog and, a natural love of these animals.” That love is apparent when you see Sam with his wolves. He has been compared to the Pied Piper of folklore, because, animals of all species gravitate to him.

Little Red Riding Hood Lied! No one has been killed by a wolf in the last 120 year. Man still thinks he is a monster.

NCWRA exists to rescue and nurture wolves and wolf-hybrids that have been abused or abandoned, and to educate the public against future poor treatment of these beautiful animals.

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