New Year’s Resolutions for You and Your Dog

For many people, their dogs are the most important part of their lives. It makes perfect sense to include them in your special New Year’s plans and think of them as you plan out your upcoming year. This is a great way to begin a healthy and prosperous new year and to bond with you dog.  Some resolutions that will benefit your pet:

Exercise More
This is probably the most common New Year’s resolution of all time. Who doesn’t think they will lose weight in the New Year? Many dogs are overweight to an unhealthy extent and by helping them to lose weight you will add precious years to their lives. Dogs that are overweight have many more health problems than dogs at an optimum weight, including problems that reduce their quality of life like arthritis and joint pain. Obesity in dogs is quite common and by just adding some exercise you may be saving your dog’s life. By adding exercise to your lifestyles, you will have an increase in energy, slim down, sleep better, and have a brighter outlook on life. You can hike, bike, run, or just go for walks. Whichever you choose, you will be adopting a healthier lifestyle and making life more fun and meaningful for your furry partner.

Do More Fun Stuff
Not all activity has to be exercise and not all fun stuff has to take place outside. When the rain comes down in buckets or snow has you stuck indoors, take heart. There are plenty of things to do together while inside. People aren’t the only ones who like to snuggle up with a good book. If you invite your dog over while you relax in front of the fire, snuggle up on the couch with a book, or just kick back for some television, you’ll find he will be just as happy as going outside to chase a ball or go for a ride in the car. Keep a basket-full of pet toys to play with inside like squeaky toys, tennis balls, and things for tug-o-war.

Study Up
Working on behavior problems or learning tricks is a great way to spend your evenings inside. My dogs even know which cookbook is the doggy cookbook and when I take it out they scramble to the kitchen to get ready for what follows. Most dogs can benefit from some extra training; just 10 minutes a day will work wonders for any training or learning that you both might benefit from. This isn’t just a way to correct behavioral problems, dogs benefit from mental stimulation whether they are learning how to behave or learning a new trick.

Dog Sports
There are so many sports that have been adapted to dogs that you could spend weeks learning about them. There are agility sports, teams, and competitions; look them up to see if there are any clubs in your area. There are obedience trials, fly ball, Frisbee, track sports, soccer, and so many more things that your dog might be good at if he tries. Dog sports are great for your dog’s mind, body, and spirit. It’s great exercise and a wonderful way to strengthen the bond between the two of you.

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  • Natalia says:

    Those are great new years resolutions for healthy pets. I would also add spending more time with your pooch, take him to stores with you or friends homes. Make your pet part of your life!

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