PetMeds Spotlight: Off-Leash Training for dogs

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on off-leash training. When walking a dog where you might encounter other dogs, a leash is the proper way to walk with your dog, but there are occasions that you can have a dog without a leash and not have to worry about them running off. At the beach, in a dog park, running through wooded trails, and many other areas can be greatly enjoyed with both hands when not worrying about your best friend’s leash and them running off after a squirrel or duck and having to chase them down.

Some dogs naturally never consider leaving the eyesight of their owners, or “pack leader”, others need training to accomplish this goal. There are many opinions on how to fast track your pet to respect your verbal commands when heard, others prefer a dog whistle, but it’s important to remember that not every dog is capable of being off-leash and speaking to professional to access the prey drive and how well it is socialized with humans and other dogs to make sure there wont be a problem.

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