Pet Halloween Costume Safety

If you’re shopping for Halloween costumes, you’ll notice that most stores also have racks filled with whimsical costumes for dogs and cats. And what could be more fun than dressing your pet up as a furry sidekick to complement your own costume? Before you purchase a costume for Fido, consider whether your pet is a good candidate for dress-up. While some pets thrive on the extra attention they get while in costume, it can be a stressful ordeal for others.

If your pet is a natural ham that loves to dress up, consider the following safety tips when selecting a costume:

  • Make sure the costume fits well and allows your pet to move around freely.
  • Avoid costumes with strings or small parts that can be chewed off and swallowed.
  • The costume should not restrict your pet’s vision, hearing or breathing in any way.
  • If you plan to take your pet trick-or-treating outside after dark, look for reflective safety stripes on the pet costume; add them yourself if the costume doesn’t come equipped with reflective stripes.
  • Always supervise your pet when he or she is wearing the costume so you can help your pet if there is a costume malfunction, or should the costume become hung up on anything.

If your pet isn’t comfortable wearing a costume, the best outfit for your dog or cat may be his or her birthday suit. If you still have your heart set on some Halloween gear for your pet, most pets tolerate a simple Halloween-themed kerchief. Most importantly, make sure your pet is having a great time.

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