Pet meds Spotlight: Not Just Heartworms for dogs

Today’s Pet meds Spotlight is on Interceptor, a monthly heartworm preventative that also controls hookworms, removes and controls roundworms and whipworms. There are a variety of worms that can effect your pet, especially when coming into contact with the outdoors, even for a moment to “do their business”.

Moist areas with stagnant water, effected food, even through the skin when walking through an area, are all places that contact with these worms can occur. Interceptor is a preventative that can help put your mind at ease that your pet wont be effected by these nasty intruders and you pet will be safe and sound and wont pass it on to other members of the household.

Interceptor is a prescription pet medicine and requires approval from your vet. Talk to them next time to see if Interceptor is right for your pet.

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