Pet Owner Tips: Basic Cat Care

Basic Cat Care: Know Your Responsibility

Cat ownership is a lifelong commitment and a big responsibility that must be taken seriously.  Although cats do not require to be walked as dogs, you must be prepared and willing to spend quality time dealing with their basic care every day such as playing, grooming, cuddling, and loving.

If you are thinking about owning a cat, consider adopting a mixed breed from a shelter as opposed to buying an expensive purebred from a pet shop.  Unlike purebred cats, mixed breeds are more resistant to genetic diseases.  By rescuing a cat from a shelter, you not only save money but also give the rescued cat a second chance to experience his/her nine lives.

Basic cat care tips include grooming, veterinary care, daily play/exercise, and a nutritious diet

The Best Basic Cat Care

To be a responsible owner, you must provide your cat with the best basic care he/she needs. To give the optimum care, the following are some of best guides in caring, understanding, and knowing your cat:

  • Proper veterinary care: Always give your cat prompt veterinary care if you notice something is wrong with him/her, even if it seems minor. This may be a sign or symptom of a more life-threatening disease. Never give your cat human medications, this can be fatal.

    Have your cat vaccinated against cat flu, parvovirus, and feline enteritis starting from 16 weeks of age and then yearly for life. It is also recommended to always take your cat for an annual health check in order to monitor his/her health and detect potential disease as early as possible.

  • Regular de-worming: Controlling endoparasites such as tapeworms, roundworms, and hookworms will keep your cat healthy and nourished. Your vet will usually give you anti-helminthic paste, palatable drops, or tablets that you can administer orally or by mixing it in their foods.
  • Spay/Neuter: Every year, thousands of unwanted kittens are abandoned and killed worldwide. Don’t add to this depressing toll – neuter or spay your cat!
  • Nutrionally-balanced diet: Feed your cat with specially formulated cat food that contains the right quantities of protein, carbohydrates, calories, and essential nutrients. Never ever try to overfeed or starve your cat.  Be sure to give your cat food and water in an accessible, easy-to-clean bowl that is kept away from dirty litterbox. Schedule feeding time at the most appropriate time of the day. Try to avoid free-feeding (leaving food out) but instead feed your cat on a schedule.
  • Grooming: Brush your cat regularly and make quality bonding time. Do not de-claw your cat. Though many countries practice this, de-clawing can be really painful to your cat especially when it needs to climb up a tree when chased or attacked.
  • Play and Exercise: Make your cat happy by giving him/her the right toys and right exercise. This is also a perfect bonding time that will help build more trust and love for the both of you.

Cats are great companions. The more you provide them with the best care as possible, the richer and more rewarding your friendship will be.

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