PetMeds Spotlight: Pet Strollers

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on Pet Strollers. They can be very useful for a variety of reasons, post surgery, geriatric issues like arthritis, separation anxiety, vet visits, and vacations are just a few of the reasons they are so popular. They are made in a variety of sizes to suit all breeds, and come with options like rugged tires for grassy conditions, bottle and/or shopping compartments, sunscreens, etc.

If you’ve ever considered taking your pet with you to the store, and walking a further distance than you smaller pet can handle, then this is a great option. You can walk to your local supermarket pushing the stroller and because they have a screen that your pet can see through, they too will be at ease and allow you to browse effortlessly through the store. Also on that walk, you wont have to worry about encountering any other pets that that may come into contact with your pet.

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