PetMeds Spotlight:Alaska’s Extended Life Animal Sanctuary

Alaska’s Extended Life Animal Sanctuary, AELAS, Alaska’s No-Kill animal sanctuary for adoptable animals. No kill does NOT mean they are a warehouse for aging animals. It does mean that they will not put-down an animal because they have not found them a home yet. They spay and neuter all the animals that come through there. They are making a difference. Kenai Veterinary Hospital handles the majority of their animals.

They are Alaska’s representative in the National No More Homeless Pets Campaign, The National ASPCA, Give Voice To Animals, & The Alaska Animal Control Association, as well as the National Animal Control Association. They currently work directly with: The Alaska SPCA in Anchorage, The Alaska Humane Society, Anchorage Animal Control, Houston Animal Control, Valdez Animal Control, Haines City Shelter and the 4 city shelters on the Kenai Peninsula.

They are IRS 501 (c) 3 approved, & State Registered, all donations are tax deductible!

They are in the beautiful Sanctuary’s 22 acres with lake front view, just 4 miles from Captain Cook State Park.

Please call to set up an appointment to view adoptible pets

AELAS ultimate goal is to bring about a time when all the animals have homes, and sanctuaries like this are no longer needed!

Please contact them to donate time or needed materials, monetary donations also appreciated!

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