PetMeds Spotlight: Conservation Dogs

Dogs for Conservation is an organization specializing in training dogs to assist in conservation work.  They are a fairly new group, and are working towards obtaining their non-profit, tax-exempt status. Many people are familiar with specially trained arson dogs, narcotic detection dogs, bomb-sniffing dogs or search and rescue dogs. Because of their unique abilities, dogs can also be trained to help greatly in conservation efforts.

Some types of conservation dogs include Scat Detection Dogs which are specially trained to locate animal droppings, which helps biologists in their study of endangered species.  Anti-Poaching Dogs assist game rangers track and arrest poachers.  Additionally, Livestock Guardian Dogs are specially trained to protect livestock. There are countless other ways dogs can be trained to assist in conservation work. For example, the Dogs for Conservation website describes how some dogs were trained to find sea turtle nests which saved thousands of sea turtle hatchlings after the BP oil spill disaster.

How can you help? Dogs for Conservation gratefully accepts monetary donations which are used to cover expenses involved in raising and training the puppies. You can choose to make a one-time donation, or set up a monthly donation. PetMeds was proud to help support Dogs for Conservation with a donation of pet supplies.

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