PetMeds Spotlight: ppaWWs

PpaWWs is the only service dog program that uses Great Danes.

Today’s spotlight is on paws and people assisting Wounded Warriors (ppaWWs). Often times, our military veterans have wounds that are not visible, such as Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) and Combat Stress Syndrome (PTSD).  PpaWWs is dedicated to raising and training service dogs to help these wounded warriors.

The military veteran must first identify their symptoms and needs.  PpaWWs then matches the wounded warrior with the canine best suited for those needs.  The service dog is provided free of charge to the wounded warrior, who then participates in the training of the service dog.   The provided canine is between 8-9 months of age, and has passed a temperament best and learned basic training.  The wounded warrior then goes through a 6 month training program wherein the service dog is trained to help with his partner’s specific needs.   These service dogs become a companion that helps his partner gain independence and confidence.

How can you help?  PpaWWs is looking for people to help raise and socialize puppies, primarily Great Danes, in their homes.  This helps the young “recruits” learn manners and basic obedience.  You can also donate to ppaWWs or sponsor a puppy or Warrior/Dog team.

PetMeds is proud to be a supporter of ppaWWs.

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  • Janet Austin says:

    My husband is also the proud receipient of a PpaWWs Dane, JP. Thank you for the spotlight on our wonderful cause!

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