PetMeds Spotlight:South Eastern Colorado Animal Rescue Effort, Inc.

South Eastern Colorado Animal Rescue Effort, Inc., SECARE, is not affiliated with any humane society, shelter, or rescue group and operates under the philosophy that all animals deserve a normal life. One in which they are not judged by their past, nor held captive to it by well-meaning pity.

They are dedicated to the rescue, sheltering, feeding, caring for, medical treatment, and placing in foster and adopted homes the injured, wounded, ill, abandoned, mistreated, abused or homeless animals of all types.

And through animal placement, to build and nurture the human/animal bond, promoting and encouraging pet therapy with abused, handicapped, and disabled children and adults, without regard for race, sex, or age; serving as a temporary sanctuary for the pets of the infirm, aged, or abused; and training and placement of service dogs designated to help a person live a more fulfilling life.

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