How Pokémon Go Helped to Find a Missing Foster Dog

This is a rescue story from a 1-800-PetMeds Cares partner, No Dog Left Behind in Brooklyn Park, Minn. It was written by Louie’s foster mom, Emily Stephens, and she and the rescue were kind enough to let us share the story. Our thanks go out to Emily, NDLB and The Retrievers.

Louie, a black, white and tan foster dog in Minn.

Louie went missing 2 weeks ago on a Friday, and we immediately posted almost 100 signs and hundreds of flyers (with help from the wonderful community). For a week and a half, I got multiple calls for sightings of a brown dog, all over Brooklyn Park. I kept track of all the sightings, but no one was ever positive that it was Louie once they saw his picture.

Finally, this last Sunday evening at 11 p.m. a gentleman called after he saw Louie at one of the big Pokémon stops, only kitty corner from where we last saw him. The man saw him twice in the same 10 minute time span, and he even stuck around to help us scope out the area with flashlights. We didn’t see Louie again that night, but we immediately set out food and water. The next morning the Retrievers supplied us with a camera that sends emails every time a motion sensor is triggered.

Sure enough, we had immediate sightings of Louie hanging out at the food at the station. Monday and Tuesday we continued to leave food and water in his crate, getting him used to going in and out for small bits of food. Then yesterday we set the big trap! The trap was set at 6 p.m., and by the time Louie came by at 4 a.m. (10 hours of us waiting for him and watching tons of cars drive in and out for pokeballs), we noticed that there was a malfunction with the trap and the door had closed before Louie even got there! A squirrel devastatingly chewed through one of the wires. Once we fixed the wires, the power supply disappeared!

By 11:30 a.m. this morning we finally got a battery and got the trap set again. It wasn’t 30 minutes before Louie stepped in to get some food, and I heard the trap door slam shut. He was startled, but quickly laid down on his bed. We transferred him to his crate, and brought him home to his comfy bed! He was SO HAPPY!

Louie asleep in his foster home.

Louie is our foster dog, and he will of course be adoptable with No Dog Left Behind Rescue – who was absolutely amazing through every step of this terrible nightmare. And The Retrievers, who were so incredible for guiding us every step of the way, supplying the equipment, being available 24/7 for support, and having such a passion for getting dogs home.

Thank you everyone! MN lost dog website, NDLB, city of Brooklyn Center & a big thank you to The Retrievers!

Louie is adoptable through No Dog Left Behind in Brooklyn Park, Minn. If you’re interested in adopting him or reaching out to the rescue, please email info (at)

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