Pet meds Spotlight: Oral Flea Preventative for Indoor Pets

Today’s Pet meds Spotlight is on indoor pets and the flea preventative Program. Program is a pet medication that comes in tablet and liquid form. And like all pet medications, should be discussed with your vet prior to use as to not to cause a reaction with any other pet medications your pet might be taking.

Program prevents the development of flea eggs, decreasing the chances of a flea infestation. This can be a mild alternative to the topical flea preventatives, especially for pets with dry skin, where the topical preventative are not as effective because they lack the oil to evenly distribute the medication all over their body.

While Program is a great pet medication for indoor pets and preventing any of the fleas that might jump on them while out and about, you can accomplish total flea control with Capstar, another oral pet medication that kills the adult fleas within 30 minutes and continues to do so for 4 hours. When both pet medications are used together, they can be a great solution for indoor pets, that may only encounter fleas on an irregular basis.

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