Protecting Pets from Wild Animals

The safety of our pets is of utmost importance.  There are a lot of potential pet hazards, including wildlife. When you live far from the city where trees, shrubs and plants are all around, there is an even greater chance that wild animals like skunks, raccoons and even birds of prey might be around. These put our dogs and cats in danger, even in your own backyard.  The danger is greater for pets who are allowed to roam freely.  What can you do to help keep your pet safe from encounters with wild animals?

There are several steps you can take to keep your pet safe from encounters with wildlife.

Don’t leave food outside. You may not realize it, but you are inviting wild animals into your yard when you leave food in the garbage bins, compost piles or bird feeders. These draw animals closer to your area, putting you and your pets closer to danger.  Be sure to clean up fallen fruit, keep trash and compost in secure containers, and do not leave food outside for your pets.

Build up perimeter fences. This is the best precautionary measure you can take to keep animals out of your yard. Your fence should be at least 6 feet tall.  There are also “buried” fences, which keep animals from digging under the fence.

Cap the chimney. Birds sometimes find the chimney a good place to set up a home and a nest.  If you cap the chimney, owls, hawks and other birds can’t make nests up there, thus reducing the chances of something snatching your little pup while it’s playing outside.

Cut down overhanging tree branches. If you see a tree branch hanging over your roof, have it cut down. If not, this could be a way for chipmunks and raccoons or other wild animals to make their way into the property.

Reduce the chances of confrontations between your pets and wild animals by following these simple steps. Knowledge of the common wildlife around your area will also help with what measures you should take to ensure the safety of your pets.

Lastly, stay close to your pet as most wild animals do not approach when there’s a human around.  Keeping your pet on a leash and not allowing him to roam freely will greatly reduce the chances of dangerous wildlife encounters.

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  • Donna Fines says:

    In this day and age when coyotes,fishercats and all the other animals are around pets should not run loose. It’s that simple and common sense. Even humans steal pets.They use them as bait for fighting dogs. Druggies steal them and sell them to labs so they can get thier drug money. Just because someone lives in the middle of nowhere doesn’t mean they’re exempt. They are perfect tatrgets for human thieves.

  • All on Four says:

    The tips were simple but it is good in order to keep the pets safe from the wild animals and birds of prey. As Donna Fines mentioned in the comments it could be even the human thieves. It is really the most horrible thing to do to an animal in order for them to earn. I think for people who are living in the middle of nowhere they should be more careful with the human thieves than the wild animals.

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