PetMeds Spotlight: Rawhides, yes or no

Today’s PetMeds Spotlight is on rawhides. Chewing rawhide is great for removing plaque from your dog’s teeth and keeping them cleaner, but there is the fear of swallowing and causing an obstruction.

As a general rule, when cows are processed, there is never the intention of saving the best parts for canine consumption, cowhides are made from the parts left over, from processing for human consumption.

There is a difference in the types of rawhides and how they are made which can make one safer over another.

Pressed Rawhide is something that is considered the most safe when it comes to rawhides; pressed, or “compressed” rawhide is small bits of rawhide, compressed under high pressure, into different shapes.  Because the dog’s saliva can’t saturate the dense compression in any given shape, you have less to worry about when your dog is chewing them. 

They should still be supervised, but as a whole, are safer than their counter-parts of one skin rolled into a shape.

The next time your considering a treat for your best friend, make sure to pick the right size and weight as recommended by the manufacturer as well

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