Reduce Your Pet’s Shedding

If your pup is starting to shed his or her coat, then you should have these shed busting tips in hand so you won’t have the hair lying around. Know the primary steps you could do to stop and manage your dog and its shedding.

Shedding is normal for almost all dogs but can vary depending on your dog's breed type

The Reasons Why Dogs Shed Hair

Some dog owners who have previously owned a Poodle but now nurtures a Siberian husky get alarmed with all the fur that falls out. Sometimes they take their pets to shelters during this time because they just don’t know what to do with all the cottony hair. You must know that shedding is a fact in a dog’s life. Some may shed less than other but they shed all the same.

The primary factors for pet’s shedding include:

  • Breed Type – There are dog breeds that do not shed as much while others dislodge a hair ball when shedding season comes. Dogs with double coats are known to shed their hair profusely. Examples are German Spitz,Siberian Husky and even Pugs. Breeds that shed less are shih tzus, terriers and greyhounds.
  • Nutrition – Dogs can also shed more than normal when they are undergoing some kind of illness or they have parasitic infections. To help improve your pet’s coat and skin health, give Omega 3 supplements, and a quality pet food.

Tips to Minimize Shedding

  1. Regular grooming – brushing your dog several times a day especially when he’s shedding allows you to pull out the hairs yourself and deposit it to a waiting disposal bag. There are different types of comb you can use so you can take away the shedding hair. The FURminator is a popular grooming tool for many dog owners.
  2. Bathing – maintain the cleanliness of your dog by bathing him twice a month or more. This encourages better blood circulation in this skin which helps improve the skin and coat health.
  3. Vacuum – hairs stick to furniture and seats like tiny needles and are very hard to get rid of. Some dogs love to have themselves vacuumed while others run at the very sound of it. You can also cover your car seats and upholstery to keep your car free of hair.
  4. Keep your pet healthy – giving vitamins and controlling parasites is also a good way to keep your dog healthy. A healthy dog with a healthy fur tends to shed less.

In short, shedding is normal for almost every dog, it just depends on how much they shed and how frequently which is based on their breed type

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