Rescue Dogs of 9/11

On the 11th anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, only a very few of the aging Search and Rescue dogs that risked their lives on that day are still alive. These dogs willingly searched through the debris at Ground Zero to help locate victims, and many also provided comfort to rescue workers and the families of the victims. Last Saturday September 8th, a 400 pound bronze statue featuring a German shepherd rescue dog was unveiled at Diamond in the Pines, a Long Island park. This statue honors the often unsung canine heroes including 9/11 rescue dogs, as well as military and law enforcement dogs.

One of the last remaining Search and Rescue dogs, a yellow Lab named Guinness, passed away just a few months ago, on June 29th 2012.  Guinness worked tirelessly for 10 days in the aftermath of 9/11, and afterwards continued to help in other search and rescues including assisting in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Over time, Guinness gradually lost his sight and hearing and Guiness’ owner and handler finally knew it was time to say goodbye.

This solemn day is a good time to take a moment to remember and give thanks for the service these brave dogs provided then, as well as the service countless other Search and Rescue dogs and their handlers continue to provide now with quiet heroism and dignity, following disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, floods and fire.

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  • donna bowlin says:

    I am thankful for these dogs across the states for the work they do all thou I nor my famlie has ever needed he help from these wonderful DOGS i am glad they are out there helping them in need and if a time came there will be help from these wonderful 4 legged buddys yo help me or my famlie A WARM HEART FELT THANKS TO THE ONES WHO GO ON WORKING WHEN IT SEEMS NO ONE THANKS THEM THEY DONT MIND THEY KEEP DOING WHAT THEY DO


  • Dianne Porter says:

    The sad thing about these rescue dogs and war dogs that have done such wonderful things not only during war time but also during terrible events such as Katrina is that the US Post Office still to this day refuses to issue a stamp for their heroic actions. No stamps for the rescue dogs but they will issue them for cartoon figures such as the Simpsons and others. What is wrong with this picture and what is wrong with this government agency?

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