Rescue Spotlight: Bullmastiff Rescuers, Inc.

Located in Pottersville, NJ, Bullmastiff Rescuers, Inc., is an all volunteer, non-profit, breed-specific rescue organization. Their goal is to rescue Bullmastiffs in need, and place these dogs in foster care as soon as possible. They also immediately address any veterinary needs such as spay/neuter, heartworm testing, vaccinations, microchipping, and any other medical needs. This organization works with animal shelters, rescue groups, and Bullmastiff owners in need of assistance. The ultimate goal is to rehabilitate and place these dogs into loving and appropriate permanent homes.

Another important effort of Bullmastiff Rescuers, Inc. is in educating the public and potential adopters about the Bullmastiff, to help promote a greater understanding of the breed. The organization is also active in fundraising to help support their mission.

How can you help? Bullmastiff Rescuers, Inc. gratefully accepts your tax-deductible donation. You may also donate supplies such as pet food and crates.  If you are located in the area, you can fill out their on-line Volunteer application to foster a Bullmastiff, assist in transport, screen owner-surrenders, or assist with home checks for prospective adoptive homes.

PetMeds was proud to support Bullmastiff Rescuers, Inc. with a donation of pet supplies.

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