Rescue Spotlight: Happy Cat Adoptions

Happy Cat Adoptions is a rescue dedicated to fostering cats with the goal of finding the foster cat a forever home.  Happy Cat Adoptions notes that 300-500 cats are euthanized daily in most Houston “kill” shelters.  Working in the Houston, Texas area, this organization rescues stray, abandoned and homeless cats and kittens and fosters these cats in need.

Fostering the cats and kittens allows the foster parents to become familiar with the personality of each individual foster cat, enabling them to better match a cat with the right adoptive family.  While adopting a cat should be a lifetime commitment, Happy Cat Adoptions notes that they make a lifetime commitment to the cats they have rescued; should you ever need to return a cat that you adopted from them, they will pick the cat up from you.

Happy Cat Adoptions notes that they have “the most adoptable, adorable cats in the universe,” and judging by the adoptable cats on their website, this is true! Their website has a link to adoptable cats and kittens that you can browse.  If you find a cat or kitten that you are interested in, your next step is to complete an adoption application.  After the adoption application is received, your next step is to meet the cats. Once the adoption process is completed, Happy Cat Adoptions delivers the adoptee to your home.

How can you help? You can volunteer to provide a foster home for a cat in need.  If you are not able to foster, Happy Cat Adoptions accepts monetary donations as well as supplies. PetMeds was proud to help support Happy Cat Adoptions with a donation of supplies.

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