Rescue Spotlight: Love For Pugs Rescue

Serving the area of central New Jersey, Love For Pugs Rescue (LFPR) is a non-profit rescue group, staffed by volunteers dedicated to saving pugs. This group works to rescue abandoned and neglected pugs with the goal of placing them into loving forever homes. LFPR is committed to taking “any and all” pugs, regardless of the age, health or temperament of the pug in need. These pugs are spayed or neutered, provided with necessary veterinary care, and placed into foster homes.

Love For Pugs Rescue also takes in pug-mixes when they have an available spot, and also assist other pug rescues in the surrounding area with pug transport and foster care.

The LFPR website maintains a list of pugs available for adoption, as well as an online adoption application.  If you are not able to adopt a pug in need, there are other ways you can help.  This group is always in need of loving pug foster homes, or you can volunteer to help the organization in other ways.  LFPR appreciates your tax-deductible monetary donation, or you can donate needed supplies such as dog food, dog treats, harnesses and leashes. PetMeds was proud to help support this group with a donation of pet supplies.

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  • Thank you for posting this, I had no idea and just came upon it. Its also ironic that the pug pictured, Tiffany, is our special needs pug who uses meds ordered from 1800PetMeds!!

    Sweet Tiffany will be 7 in a little over a week and has a liver shunt. She requires 2 medicines 2 times a day (Flagyl and Lactalose), along with prescription dog food.

    I think people get scared off when they see “special needs” but really it takes only about 2 extra minutes a day to care for her needs. She is a special girl who has lots of love to give, if only someone would give her a chance, she has been up for adoption for a while.

    I just wanted to say thank you!!

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